Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Start of Summer!

We are welcoming summer with a few new additions to our family :)
These are the sweet baby birds that were born above our porch. Telling them good morning and good night is a necessity. G has named them Tweet and Tweet. Creative kid, I know.
While Daddy was gone camping, we spent this past weekend in Humble. Here is big cousin Gage getting attacked by Kiki and Fiffin (what K calls G). I was also part of their wrestlemania when they double-head butted me - my fat lip is awesome.

Aunt Jill made Kiki and Fiffin some "ants on a log." G licked the peanut butter clear off the cracker. Smart kid!

We have also spent many evenings on our porch. Here is G with his first popsicle. Bathtime occurred right after this photo.

While Daddy was away in Alabama (praying for an end to the oil spill), we spent a lot of time with Uncle Jason and Kiki. Here G gets in some swingin' at J's parents in Cut n' Shoot. Fun times!

I recently made our blog into a book at G loves to sit quietly and flip through it. He looks so intensely at all the pictures. What a great idea!

We are about to bid farewell to a GREAT year at school. I can't speak highly enough of his teachers. This kid is SMART. He talks constantly, now counts to 8 (for some reason, he says "no more" when we get to 9 and 10 :)), and is getting through most of his ABCs.

In my world, I am about to close the door (gladly) on my first year of counseling. I do like it more than teaching (A LOT more), and I have learned a great deal. BUT - it is time for a break. One thing I will miss is my dear friend, Lindsey (to my right). She has been the most amazing part of my job - we taught together for 5 years and she makes my coffee every morning! I wish her luck and blessings as she retires to her new home in Austin.

In other G news, we had his 18 month check-up (a while ago, but I am behind):
29 lbs (81 percentile)
32.5 inches (57 percentile)
I need to post a video of my talker - he is very polite with his "please" and "thank you." He also tells everyone hi and asks "how are you?" He knows his colors and still screams with glee everytime we pass a school bus, big truck, or airplane.
We have a lot planned for our short little summer. And, I plan to enjoy every second!

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