Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day with the Astros...

We had an amazing time at Griffin and Keaton's first Astros game!
Uncle J getting some love from the boys!
Yep, we definitely have some crazy boys on our hands!

"Hi, Mommy - how are you?" G's new favorite thing to say!
Look at that sweet face! I mean, seriously. Cuteness.

Hi, Kiki!!

Thanks to my hubby for Saturday "off." I went to the spa and shopped! YAY!

A great game - 'Stros win!

Griffin loved it and he was so good! He wasn't too sure when Lance Berkman hit a homer, and everyone yelled. It got kinda crazy!
The two cousins loving the game!

Future baller....

Man, when is it MY turn??
Mommy's all time favorite - BIGGIO!

We had a GREAT day! I don't want this weekend to end.
Happy Mother's Day to all - especially to my mom, my sis, sis-in-law, and my beautiful Maw-Maws in heaven! I wouldn't be the mom I am today without all of them :)

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Jules said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I'm glad you had a great weekend... you deserve it!