Monday, June 14, 2010

Party Animal!

We had a FUN weekend celebrating birthdays!
At BOTH parties, I got to eat CAKE! My mom rocks :))))

At Chloe Jane's party at The Little Gym, we played, jumped, and danced.
Here, my Dad and I stop to have quick chat.

They tried to have organized games, but that ain't my style. I just ran around and did everything else! Here is me and my hula hoop!

Showing my mean skills on the balance beam....

Brooks had a great party at Pump It Up. I tried my best to keep up with the big kids.
I loved this place!

And, apparently so did the Dads. They tried to show off and have a relay race on the slides.
I don't have a picture of my Dada (who was the starting leg of the race) because he was usually on the ground somewhere. His team ended up winning. GO DAD!

The big slide was my favorite. Mommy had about 20 panic attacks, but I did so great. She went down with me once but left it all to Dada. Mommy is a chicken!
Here, we landed on Brooks. Happy Birthday, buddy!

Here is the big slide. We went up and down about 900 times. Don't be surprised if you see me here on my second birthday! WOO HOO!

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