Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homework Assignment

This week at school, Griffin learned about family :) He got to tell his teacher and his friends all about the people he loves. On Friday, he had an assignment due! We had to decorate a house with his favorite things/people!

Getting help from Dada....

Adding the pictures of his favorite people!

So proud of his work!

"Wait Mommy... something's missing.."

Phew - last minute addition of our favorite movie friends: Marty (Madagascar), Nemo, and Woody. I love this assignment - he was so excited to tell all his friends and his teacher how much he loves his Mi-Maw, Kiki, Mommy, and Daddy.


Jill said...

Great job, G! Your Mommy is raising you right, going above and beyond on your homework by adding your favorite cartoon friends. Hope you get some extra credit!

TexasTeacha said...

Hi Kim,

What a nice photo blog you have, and a great way to document your family events for later!

-Christie McWilliams