Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good friends and football...

It's fall and time for football! We visited the Armstrongs and sweet baby Sophia this weekend. I think we gave them a little glimpse of what life will be like once she is mobile. Here are all the sweet children - Jeannie, Charlie, Griffin, Sophia, and Jackson. Seriously - look at Charlie's smile. Too Presh!

Here, Griffin and Jackson are giving some tips to sweet Sophia. I grew up with Sophia and Jackson's daddies - both were ushers at my wedding and amazing friends. If these kids only knew the fun times we've had...I pray they are better behaved than we were :)
Jackson and Griffin playing very nicely. In fact, G has asked for him quite a bit since we left. I bet their grandmas (who are BFFs too!) would love them playing so well!

Last weekend, the Odells came over so we could celebrate Glenn's birthday. Sarah and G enjoying a nice meal together.

We are beyond lucky to have such great friends. It is so fun (and helpful!) to have friends who are in the crazy parenting journey with us!

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Lori B. said...

oh my goodness! Too much cuteness for words!