Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabulous Fourth!

We were very busy this 4th of July weekend...
My Dad's sister and brother came to Houston to see all Dad's grandsons. It was beyond special.
My Uncle Doug looks, acts, talks, laughs, AND coughs like my Dad. My sister and I joked about how we could just stare at him for hours, as if it were my Dad talking with us.
Here is G and Uncle Doug playing with some cars.
Uncle Doug's namesake, my brother Doug, and G bonding over a push-up pop!

Rain? No problem! Let's go splash, Kiki!

Uncle Doug told me it was okay to have a seat. Right in the puddle.

Then, Uncle Doug took Kiki and G for a little spin in the cul-de-sac.
These were two very happy boys.
No problem with the puddle! Mi-Maw will fix me right up!
A bath in the kitchen sink. That's just how we roll.

Then, we spent the 4th with Uncle Tanner and Uncle Shane. Look at my sweet boy - he loves Shane A LOT. Uncle T cooked a mean brisket too!

What's the 4th without a little firework action?
We threw some pops around before calling it a night.

Happy 4th to all of you!

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