Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kiki's Visit!

My sister and hubby were away for the weekend, so we had Keaton (aka Kiki). I was nervous to take on two very active boys, but now that Kiki is gone, I miss him :(

They did have one little fight where Kiki told G, "You are not making my happy anymore." To which G replied, "No, YOU are not making ME happy anymore." It went on for about 2 minutes, and we taped it to show my sister. We were cracking up! Other than that moment, they were great! Kolaches and donut holes for breakfast! Thanks, Uncle Hans!

We took them to Clay's Restaurant Saturday night where they got to feed the animals, jump in a bouncehouse, eat cotton candy, and play in the sandbox. They had fun! I love this place - adults can kick back, and the kids run wild!

Our neighbor, Gabby, played along with us all weekend. She was so sweet to them. I think some crushes developed.

We also had a picnic at Carol Fox Park off Senate/290. Love this area! Doesn't Hans look like he loves it too??

More food - cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

AND...we got to make funfetti cookies and ice them with different colors. More icing consumed than cookies. Check out Kiki sneaking a lick....

Feeding the ducks too!

More fun at the park - sand everywhere!


Sweet Kiki - I know you missed your Mommy and Daddy, but we are so happy you came to spend some time with us. Griffin keeps asking for you too! You are a blessing in our life, and I love how close you boys are. Thanks for coming to play!

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