Monday, March 14, 2011

New Friends and Best Friends!

We spend a lot of time with these folks! I have worked with Chad for quite some time, and Braxton and Grifin are three months apart. Even better, I LOVE HIS WIFE! We have become great friends - I am lucky to have her along in this crazy ride of motherhood!
So...they invited us to their friend's house (Thanks, Combs Family!) one Friday for a delicious dinner and crazy playdate for the kids!
We had a great time and look forward to more fun times together!
Here's one of my favorite faces - BRAXTON! He is also in Griffin's class at school so they are together ALL. THE. TIME.

Watching a little movie with my new buddy Ayden and B!

Thanks to all of you for a fun night! We look forward to many more playdates (especially if they involve some wine for the mommies)!

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Kelly said...

Aw! So sweet, I love it!! Thanks Kim!