Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School....

This little guy is settling in nicely to his sweet school; however, it's his mommy that's having a hard time. I can already feel a looooong year ahead! But what's most important cute is this kid?? :)

He spent the weekend in Stephenville with his Daddy. They had a blast hanging out with cousin Gunner! Here he is already hitting the open road!
To prepare for back to school, I had LASIK! Why did I wait so long?? It's amazing how well I can see. What's not amazing are these hot goggles I had to wear for a week!

Goodbye to all of my little friends!!!

I'm so sad that this year will be the first that I will not have many familiar faces in the hallways. My last class to teach graduated and are moving on! Sweet Kendall and Chelsea (G's favorite babysitters) are off to A&M (whoop!) and Baylor. Good luck girls! We miss you already!

A little more playtime with G before they go....

Griffin and I made some sweet treats for his teachers for the first day back.

We made brownies with surprise Reese's cups inside! Then Hans reminded me they cannot have peanut butter at his school. Guess who had to eat them?? Dang it.

Best wishes for a great school to all of you! Here we go!

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Libbie Hill said...

I did your shades. I think you should keep those!