Saturday, August 6, 2011

Celebrations and Reunions!

Congratulations to my sweet nephew Gage! He took some extra classes over the last few months and graduated early from high school. We are so proud of him! I told him I remember the day his dad (my bro) came to pick me up in 10th grade to tell me I was going to have a nephew! we are 18 years later! We love you, Gagey!

My best friend Jennifer and her family came down from South Bend, Indiana so we decided to gather up old friends/teachers and have a reunion! Here is my 7th grade math teacher, Ms. Berlin (Ms. Kerr now!). I always joke with her that she must have been 12 when she taught us :)

Crazy Heather. She cracks me up :)

Our other BFF Amy came too from San Antonio. Love this lady!!!

We then went to the Egans for a get-together to spend time with Gracie and the boys. Someone enjoyed his popsicle.

Jack and Sawyer Egan; Cameron Born (with Carly running around); Alyssa and Hayden Podhorsky; and sweet G. The parents of all these children (with the exception of Hansio) are from Humble. Man, do we have some stories to tell them - one day. Maybe.

Scotty and his baby girl.

At our reunion at Mr. Weir's house (he was our choir teacher from 6th-12th grade), we decided to gather around the piano. We sang this song at our 8th grade pop show (and cried) because we had to leave Mr. Weir (who then surprised us to say he was coming with us to high school!). We then sang it again at the end of our last pop show in 12th grade (and cried again) when we were leaving for college. We were being silly here, but....I think we still have it!

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Lori B. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Love the video. I'm suddenly super jealous I'm tone deaf!