Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins and Check-Ups!

We had our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest this weekend. I entered for the first time in a few years (since I'm usually chasing a busy toddler). And I'm proud to say I came in 3rd :)

An attempt at a family photo....

Oh look...Halley joined in :)

The winners!

All the entries...I loved the Texans, Mickey, and the Angry Bird!

Hans's brother (Tanner) had a baby girl on Friday so I made them King Ranch casserole to take over once they bring sweet Lexi home.

Griffin picked out a football to give her. I had to be close by because he wanted to see if she would catch it.

Uncle Hansie and his new niece! She was born on Tanner's birthday which is also their Dad's birthday. What a special blessing. I know Papa Charlie is celebrating in heaven.

Our little man had his 3 year check up this week. We went to a new pediatrician and LOVED her. She is from near my hometown AND an Aggie - double plus!

He weighed 34.5 lbs (78th percentile) and is 37 inches tall (40th percentile).

This big boy....or Buzz looking forward to getting some candy on Halloween!

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