Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A little of this, and a little of that...

Just stopping in to show off some pics of our life lately... look who is sitting up!! She is getting so good at it, and brother loves it.  He has been so anxious for her to play back with him, and she is able to now! That pose...too much.

A few weeks ago, I dropped my phone which resulted in a cracked screen. Boo. Hubs came to the rescue and was able to get it fixed for me pretty quickly. Here is the first selfie on the new phone!

We recently had Moms Night Out at G's school - PJs were required! He asked if he could take me to Luby's before - his favorite. I think it's the jello :) 

I have to document the highlight of my night...

G had to draw a picture of his mom and then answer some questions about me. First, let's discuss his drawing. I am guessing the lack of sleep and hair styling is not going unnoticed by this 5 year old. I couldn't take a picture of it - I looked ROUGH. Second, his answers about me were too much. One question was "What does your mom always tell you?" Out of the 10 in his class, 9 said "I love you." The one who didn't? You guessed it - my kid. His response was "you know better."  He told me was just joking when he said it. I am worried about what is ahead for this one. He is a hot mess.

I was able to take Emmy to lunch with Maggie and her 2 younger girls. Mags and I were Pi Phis together at A&M, and she is just the sweetest friend. I loved getting together with her - Julianna came too. Why did we not all get a picture together?? Oh yes. Kids. 

We also visited one of G's first friends ever - Landon! Landon and Griffin were babies together at his old school, and now they do not see each other much. We had a crazy time with them and little Joshua. His sweet mom is about to have her third boy!

And who could forget this big moment?? G was chosen to take the "class pet" home for the weekend. Meet Wally the bee. We had to document all our adventures with Wally - movies, Leap Pad fun, Gringo's, and the park were our highlights. Emmy also loved Wally too!

What is a blog post without pics of this little love? Getting to the 7 month mark - slow down, girly!

Does Hans make the blog enough?? I didn't think so and what a good daddy he is. Both littles are smitten!

More pics from Moms Night at school. 

And just to drop in some more of the loves of my life....

February 28th marks 12 years since we lost my dad. I wish so much that these two knew him - really knew him - because he was amazing. Laid back, fun, creative, hardworking, and a family man - miss him every. single. day. 

Spring Break fun is just around the corner - lots of fun plans for the Reed clan coming up!


Lori B. said...

Love you little Kim. Your dad would be so proud of you and your awesome family. Seriously, the pose is just too much! Love Emerson Kate!!!!

Lil' K said...

I love you more, Lk!!! And my Libby Lou too!