Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015

February was FUN! Here are some highlights....

Hans and I were able to take a few date nights/nights out - too many fun events we didn't want to miss!


Girls Dinner at Peli Peli - yummmmmmm

An early Valentine's dinner with the Odells and Roffs at Brenner's. This meal was quite delish too!

We were invited to a very nice dinner at Hans's coworkers - it was a unique experience but very fun! 

I saw my choir teacher too this month! I've know him for 26 years!!

But first, let us take a family selfie at the bus stop :)

G earned his final tots belt at Tae Kwon Do - next up, the big kids' class! He is so excited, and I am so proud of him for sticking to it!

100 days of kindergarten have passed, and he's survived (note the 100 band aids)!

Dudes Day Out to see Marvel Universe Live! They had a great time!

A sweet moment for these two - Bubba is reading to his little sister!

I was also able to read to G's class one day and then had lunch with my little love!

Go Texans Day!

Emmy and I do a few fun outings throughout the week, and G doesn't like that he misses them. So, on a day off, he went with us to story time - and it was parachute day! Another mom commented what a good big brother he is, and I have to agree!

We celebrated our friend Chloe's birthday at a ranch nearby - the kids had a great time! 

A quick trip to see Mi-Maw turned into some Gagey time! She loves her biggest cousin!

This big girl turned 18 months. She is a mess, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sister can hold her own, that's for sure!

Valentine's Day for my loves!

Just a few more shots of my mess - Super Girl/Super Thor....

....if she ain't climbin', she ain't trying....

....a fan of all foods including ketchup.....

....and a fan of my make-up - though she missed with the mascara here....

....a day with the Odells.....

....a new suitcase from Mi-Maw....

....and a good report at her check-up. Check out how big she is! Craziness!

I have been working really hard lately to get in better shape. It keeps me sane - more mentally than anything else! And, I have found a love for running. WHAT?! So, I completed my first run - 10K with my bestie!

After completing it in an hour (my best pace so far!), I was reunited with my cheering section!

Jenny was such a good motivator too! I see another run in our future!

This day was quite bittersweet as February 28th always marked 13 years without my dad. I felt him pushing me along as I ran, and I know he would be proud. I miss him so much. 

Love you, 339. February - or any month, really - is not the same without you. 

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