Sunday, July 25, 2010

Corpus Christi!

We went on a trip to the beach with Aunt Jill, Uncle Jason, and Kiki. We had a BLAST!
First stop - the aquarium!
Let's go, Kiki!
Did you see that BIG fish??
Sweaty boys in matching Cars shirts - what else? Thanks, Mi-Maw!
Oh, and then we watched Cars.
Next stop - shopping, eating, and exploring!
This is how we take our pics now. "Move back, Mama."

Kiki, let's hug it out.
YUMMMMY - a slushy!

Here, he decides to look at the camera. I'll take it.
I almost hate to document this, but it will go down in our injury list - a jellyfish sting!
Definitely hurt Mama more than this tough guy. Boy, did my heart break :(

YESSSSS! Another semi-good shot of him looking at the camera. SCORE.
Finally, some swimming...chicken fight with Kiki!

My sis took some good pics of us on the beach. I was too traumatized to want to recall our last day on the beach. Poor sweet boy. But, he sure did MUCH better than I did.
We are EXHAUSTED, but we had a great trip! Summer is coming to a close...
what a memorable one it's been!

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