Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have spent most of our summer days with this guy...
We love our BFF, Braxton!
Here are the two crazy kids at Noah's Ark pool and play area. What a GREAT place for the kiddos! We will be returning a few more times before summer ends!
Both boys were so brave and did so well - this nervous mom even let loose a bit and let G slide all by himself. A good nap followed :) the slide!

The dudes looking for trouble....

Then, it was time for B's 2nd birthday party. Thanks to B, we are now huge fans of Cars. He even had a McQueen cake!

Then, we helped B test out all his new toys.

And, this big boy now has a new table. Here we are eating breakfast. Of course, McQueen, Ramone, Flo, Mater, and Doc Hudson had to eat with us (not sure who these people are, just ask the BFFs, they will tell you EACH one!).
Dada and Mommy are off to celebrate their anniversary tonight. Guess who is babysitting?? That's right...G will be spending the evening with Braxton and his sweet mommy.
We love you guys!

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