Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Sheesh...what a weekend! We ended with Sarah's birthday party! What fun we had - Kristin always does such a good job and is so creative. See the Aerial mermaid in the pic? She made it! Love it.

But one of the best parts is that Kiki came too! And one of the cutest things ever happened - when we had all the kids gather for a photo, Kiki and G (without any prompting) stood together and put their arms around each other. LOVE it. They are so cute and sweet.

Mac n' cheese for dinner! PERFECT.

They had a bounce house - score!


Hi, Mama.

Chillin' with my Dada.


I have to document something precious that Griffin did this week. One morning while getting ready for school, he ran to his room to get his clothes for the day. He then came to sit down in my bathroom while I got ready. Suddenly, he screams, "I DID IT!" I look down and this sweet munchkin had put his shoes and socks on. By himself. On the right feet. The look on his little face made me tear up - he was so proud. Love this smart boy.


We are loving this spring weather and hope it sticks around for a bit! Two weeks until Spring Break! Sea World, the rodeo, and Kiki spends the night - we're pumped!

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Jules said...

I'm soooo lovin that it's spring! Enough of the cold weather :)
That story about G putting on his shoes and socks is so sweet!!