Sunday, February 13, 2011


We celebrated my sister's 40th (say what?? she's one HOT mama!) with a surprise trip to New Orleans! Jason called me around Christmas to start planning so I've kept a secret from her for a LONG time. Hans and I flew and got there before everyone else. When she arrived, we hid in the hotel lobby until we made our surprise entrance. The plan was to walk up to her casually, but I got a little excited and started running and jumping! The look on her face was priceless (there may have been tears too...). We had a BLAST eating, drinking some daiquiris and bloody marys, laughing, dancing, singing, and celebrating my awesome sister!

A second surprise - our awesome Uncle Bob and Aunt Melissa came for the fun too!

Bridget and me

A third surprise - our cousin Stacy and her husband Hab were in town too for his half marathon.
Sweet G spent his weekend with Mi-Maw. The park, eating, and watching his new favorite movie, Ice Age, were all on the agenda. Then, we came home and saw the Biebs on the Grammys. I would like to introduce Biebs, Jr. This boy loves his music and his guitar. Get it, G!
Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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Jules said...

How much fun!! I love NOLA and want to go back soon... if for nothing else but eating yummy food! I'm glad to know you are a biebs fan too. I want to go see the movie, but don't tell anyone :)