Sunday, February 6, 2011

A "Snow" Weekend...

We are thankful for the "snow" scare that gave us a 3-day weekend!
We ended our fun with the Super Bowl! Here are the little ones enjoying some popcorn while watching a movie. Who needs football anyway??

Yum. Hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, and Cheetos - my fave!
Before the big Super Bowl party, we had to hit the park. We went from an Artic blast to Spring-like weather in just two days. We took advantage by running the bases.

Mommy and Daddy also had a night out with their buds seeing Cory Morrow. Love these ladies!

While we were "snowed" in on Friday, we decided to make some coconut macaroons. One word - YUM-O. Lil' G had a blast helping out his Mommy.

We decided to get creative and review our shapes. What better way to do so than make a complete mess? GOOD IDEA, MOMMY! We poured some flour on a cookie sheet and traced some squares, circles, diamonds, and rectangles. Mommy is still finding flour in the kitchen crevices.
Here are some cute videos of the G-man from this weekend. He cracks us up, and we have enjoyed just being with him all weekend. Forgive my singing in the second video - dude loves him some Train and "Hey Soul Sister." Love that kid.
Here's to some warmth and a feeling of Spring in the air!

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