Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wrapping it up...

Well, summer has come to an end. I'm so blue. I have had A BLAST with this cute face each day, and I am BLESSED to have had some quality time with him. Here we are making some homemade donuts! YUM. (so easy and fun - go google biscuit donuts and you're in business!)

I asked my sister if I could have Kiki for a day, and we had so much fun! Here are some amazing photos by Kiki via the iPhone. Haha!

Then we took the sweet peas to Noah's Ark pool. Never been? GO!!!!! So great for little ones. Here's Kiki, G, Gabby, and Caden.

Kiki sliding!

Ugh. THIS SWEET BOY. Can't get enough. This is our second time to go, and last time, he was NOT going down this slide. Well, this time, I went with him once to show him how fun it was, and he never stopped. FOR TWO HOURS, he went up and down this slide. I'm proud of my little buddy.

Quick shout-out to Gabby too - she is our neighbor and is usually with us on our outings. She is so helpful and sweet plus G has a little crush on her. I joke that I need to pay her for babysitting because she really looks out for Griffin.

Ethan and his sweet mommy and sister joined our lunch crew!

I love Keaton's "thumbs up" in all his pictures :)

Best buddies/cousins.

To my sweet G - your summer fun is not ending because Mommy has to work. There will be more pools, treats, and fun to come! You melt my heart with your sweet kisses and hugs, and I treasure our time together. And to all our friends and family, thanks for playing with us!

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