Sunday, September 25, 2011

Football, shoes, and an addiction...

Fall is here, and that means FOOTBALL! We went to watch the Cy Fair Bobcats play the Cy Creek Cougars. We won! Sweet Caden was there too! He is in G's class, and his mommy works with me. They were precious all night - cheering, dancing, and sharing popcorn!

Then G got some new shoes! Hans wanted him to have some Nikes so here he is sporting his new kicks! They are so cute - now with his little ankles socks to match, he looks JUST like his daddy!

I think I need a Pinterest intervention. The following pictures are things I made this weekend. My sister pinned these, and I was soon to follow. I didn't inlcude the broccoli or the parmesan cheese (used cheddar instead). YUM.

Hans bought a smoker a couple weeks ago, and it's awesome! Today, he smoked a chicken. It was so good! To add to our yummy meal, I made these potatoes (thanks to Pinterest). Easy. Delish. Yum.

Pinterest is NOT helping the healthy eating. These cookies might be the best I've ever made. Again, so easy!!

And my OCD. Pinterest is making it worse. I saw this amazing pantry there, and I wanted to try something similar. While I know mine is NOTHING compared to this one, I do love how organized all of our junk is. And, I can finally see the floor! It's pretty exciting, y'all! Thanks to Target and IKEA for the organizational materials :)

So between Pinterest, football, and cooking, we had a great weekend! And those of you out there on Pinterest, stop pinning cute, delicious, and adorable things! I'm out of control :)



taeandashleypark said...

You and me both! I haven't even pinned anything yet because I'm obsessed with staring at other peoples' fabulous things!

Jules said...

Pinterest does not help the diet efforts..... every night I get on pinterest on my phone and immediately want a snack :)
Your pantry looks so good! It was fun running into you Saturday!

Lil' K said...

hi sweet friends! ashley, you just need to start pinning b/c I will want all your stuff :) Julie - so good to see you too!!! since I am talking to both of you, let's get together before baby Park comes!!

Lori B. said...

Love you! Pinterest has taken over my life too! It gives us something else to think about besides going #1 or #2 in the potty!

Niki said...

I am with addicting! Little G is so cute!!! Hope y'all are doing well!!