Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heroes and Friends

We spent most of our weekend in Humble to celebrate AJ's birthday! Just as this weekend is about remembering 9/11, we remembered the sacrifice AJ's dad made for all of us while fighting for our freedom. AJ has some really amazing parents, and we were SO happy to be there to celebrate him and have some fun! An added plus...Kiki came too!


GIG' EM :)

GIG' EM right back at ya!

My amazing friend, Ivonne! A great hostess....

Water fun! (We laughed because these two were connected at the hip. If they separated, they were calling for each other. I love how close they are)

Someone loves his Mi-Maw!


And yet another "gig 'em!"
Man, we make smart boys in this family. Gig 'em, Kiki!

This morning while watching the memorials on TV, Griffin caught a glimpse of the American flag and started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. We made him do it again, of course, to get it on video. Love the "amen" at the end.

Ten years ago this week, a family friend passed away so I was at my parents' the night of 9/11 to head to the funeral with them the next day. I spent that entire night sitting on their couch with my Dad in his blue recliner watching all the news coverage and talking with him about it. It's hard to imagine that in 10 years our world has changed so much as my Dad passed just 6 months later. But, despite the horrible events, I'm glad I was able to talk about it all with the wisest man I know. I miss you, Dad, and know you are taking good care of all of those we lost that day.

Never forget. And to Anthony and family, we love you and thank you for our freedom.

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