Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am not really sure how I got to be 35 already....but, in all my years, I'm pretty sure simplicity is the best part of it all... like enjoying a cupcake with my sweet pea!

Our sweet friends - the Odells - came over for ribs and other good grub! Griffin took Ryan for a spin. It was such a simple evening and all I could ask for on my birthday weekend. We sat on the porch sippin' beer ritas, and the kids just played themselves silly.
Then, my sweet niece, Lexi, was baptized on my actual birthday. She is so stinkin' sweet. Griffin loved tickling her feet. G also got to see his Uncle Tanner and Uncle Shane so he was pretty pumped.

What a sweet blessing on my birthday!

Love Lexi in this pic - she is probably wondering if this cousin of hers could sit still for .5 seconds so we could get somewhat of a decent pic. Oh well - such is life!

I loved all my messages, texts, and calls for my birthday. I wish I could hug all those people in person. So far, 35 is looking pretty good!

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