Monday, March 5, 2012

Remembering Dad....

February 28th makes it 10 years since I lost Dad. Every year is hard - heck, everyday is hard - without him. I get so envious of grandpas who pick their grandbabies up from school or those who have grandpas to spoil them on any given day. Once Griffin asked where his grandpas are, and we explained how they are in heaven and they watch him all the time. Hearing this question made me cry, and he responded, "but it's okay, Mommy, Grandpa Charlie and Pop are at heaven's house." Love him so much.

We did head to Humble on 2/28 to be with the family. We all had a rough day. After our dinner that night, Mi-Maw wanted a picture of her grandsons. I thank both her and Pop for these 4 sweet gifts. He would be (or he IS) so proud.

I miss my dad everyday. I miss his hugs and most of all, I just miss his advice. He was so laid back and good at problem-solving. I miss talking about books with him. I miss talking about our love for country music or Jimmy Buffett. I miss the fact that he isn't physically here with Griffin - that hurts the most. I do know my dad is with me everyday, but the hurt is still there. Please say a prayer for our family as we go on another year without our Pop. Love you, 339.

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