Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer updates...

We are loving summer, and once again, it is going too quickly! First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Doug! Griffin was able to take him to lunch, and Uncle Doug bought G a dinosaur :)

 We have been enjoying gymnastics! Griffin's little friend, Keller Caldwell, goes with us each Monday. They are so cute!

 On July 4th, we rode in our neighborhood's bike parade! Hi, Daddy!
 Caden Carr took a spin with us!
 After some yummy BBQ by Daddy, we watched fireworks with Braxton. Happy birthday, America!
 After a year and half of searching, we finally found our new home! We move in a couple weeks (STRESS) so G wanted to make a picture for his new playroom. It was messy fun!

I am trusting God will bless us in the new house just as he did in our first home...I am so excited (we have a pool!), but I am not sure timing is so great - I start my new job in 4 weeks! Prayers all goes smoothly!
Happy Summer, all!


Jules said...

We need to catch up...... New job and new house!! How exciting :)

Lori B. said...

It's going to be great! I can't wait & I'm so excited for y'all!