Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Updates #2

We finished another summer of swim lessons with Miss Ashlynn and what a difference a year makes! He did so great this year - jumping in, kicking, and even putting his little face under water! We are so thankful for Ashlynn and will see her again next summer!
We took our swimming skills to Noah's Ark with Caden. It was our 2nd trip this summer - he loves it!

 We packed and packed and packed. Moving day coming soon!
 One of our favorite summer activities has been a trip to the library followed by a lunch date. Sweet boy!
 We have also made great strides in our fear of live characters! He actually got this close to Spidey!
 His gymnastics place had a parents day out - with a pirate theme! Kiki and G had an absolute blast. They walked the plank, looked for gold, and had sword fights. What more could a little boy want??
Walking the plank at the end - his first time to do a "show." I may have cried. Just a little. :)
Off to pack...moving is FUN!

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