Sunday, July 15, 2012


We had an awesome time celebrating the marriage of my longtime friend, Jason! Love these guys - best buds of mine for a LONG time.  We always have so much fun - perhaps a little too much!
First dance for Jenn and Skaife!

 How beautiful is this mother of the groom?? Love Ms. Kathy!
 My BFF's mom, Sheryl, me, and my gorgeous mommy!
 Sassy Stacy! (and also the nurse who delivered G!)
 Loved the reunion with these guys (bad picture)! Oh the memories and the trouble we got into - we were cracking up at all the crazy things we use to do.... (Dwayne, JT, Tudman, Wags, and Fin)
Photobooth fun!

 Inside joke about what he's doing in this picture! Fun fact - Hans and my first date was to Fin's wedding (that night has many stories in itself!), and after that crazy night, I knew Hans was the one :) If he could put up with our crazy antics, he could do just about anything!
 Don't let Tuddy's face fool you - we had a blast! (JT and Rainwater jumped in this pic!)
 Hieeeeeee! Dwayne has been my BFF as long as I can remember (sorry...I call all my Humble buds my BFFs - I just love them all and they really ARE the best). He's been there for the 2 hardest times of my life. Always fun to hang with him!
Dwayne's beautiful wife, Sara!

I LOVE my life right now...but, I have to say that the times I spent with these folks (during our summers home from college especially!) were some of the greatest memories I have. I may say this a lot, but I am so blessed to still have my best friends from my childhood and beyond. I can't wait for the next time we get together....I probably need to rest up before we do it again :)

Congrats, Skaife! Love you and I am so happy for you! Wonderful night!

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