Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We spent the Easter weekend with the Reeds in Stephenville. Griffin and Gavin love getting together! Sweet boys had fun running around Granny's and sleeping over at Aunt Hilary's!

Fun times with the cousins - Ally, Gavin, Madi, and G

Even Spidey needs to take a break and eat! I have to note here that my picky eater is now a HUGE fan of hardboiled eggs. Who knew?!

We planted magic jelly beans on Saturday and woke up to sweet surprises on Sunday! Yay - more candy for my crazy kid :)

Preparing for the Easter egg hunt in our PJs!

Getting help from Granny!

This little guy loves his Uncle Matt!

Happy Easter from this cute little guy....
....who made some eggs for him and his baby sister! Next year, there will be TWO Reeds celebrating this perfect day! Baby sister is a story in itself - a long journey that requires another post :) No matter what, we are so blessed with our munchkins. We had a great weekend celebrating just that!

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