Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break sure was a blast! We spent some time at the rodeo with Jill and Kiki. This year, he asked me to stand outside the gate while he rode the horse - he was too big for me to walk beside him. Well, okay then. He also rode a few rides and played some games - to my surprise, he won some prizes! I love the rodeo - especially with this cute cowboy!

We had lunch with some cuties on Tuesday! I loved seeing my sweet friend Julie and her cute little ones, Bennett and Claire. Julie and I survived the "fun" that was grad school, and I am blessed to have walked away with a great friendship! Thanks for having us over, Julie!
Julie lives right by the Trader Joe's so we went over for a few items. I love that they have small carts for the kids to push :) I am also loving the cookie butter I picked up while there (Thanks Julie and Lori for the rec!).

Sweet Kiki came to hang out for a couple days! There's much fun to be had while these two are together. We took the boys to Clay's for dinner on the patio and to play as well as see animals!

Move time!
Griffin has never been bowling so we went with Kiki and the Odells on Thursday to try it out! We had a great time with all the kids (as usual!), and G did a great job! I see a lot of bowling in our future!

Both boys bowled strikes!

The plan for Friday was to take a trip with Caden! Plan #1 was to pick some strawberries at a farm nearby, but by Friday, there were no berries to pick! Plan #2 was to hit the zoo, but due to the Spring Break crowds, we couldn't even get a parking spot in the medical center! It was nuts! That left us with the final plan - Discovery Green. We already had our lunches packed so we were good to go. The boys had fun running all over the place, playing on the playground, and eating snowcones!

Thanks to Daddy's awesome job, we were able to get some suite seats to the rodeo on Saturday. It was G's chance to show Dad his skills! He loved the pedicab to the carnival and loved the rodeo/concert even more. Who can blame him when the food, drinks, ice cream, and restroom are all in your suite?? :) Thanks, Dad, for the hook-up!

Mommy liked Luke Bryan :)

He even cut a rug with me!

First concert = success!
I just counted - only 12 weeks left until summer! We have some big plans brewing in the Reed casa, and I can't wait for the adventures coming soon!


Jules said...

What a fun spring break!!! We loved seeing y'all. And, Im so glad I could introduce you to the most wonderful creation on this earth... Cookie Butter :) Maybe I could lose all the baby weight if I didn't keep buying that :/

Lil' K said...

I made Griffin a sandwich with it and added a little honey. He ate the whole thing - crust included - and asked for another! Success! :)