Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of the School Year!

Summer is here! We discovered a new little gem in Houston - the Sugar Land Skeeters! What  a fun place for kids - we played on their giant playground, merry go round, splash pad, and pool! We sat on the lawn and enjoyed a nice family night out!

We also celebrated the retirement of my partner at Cy Fair HS - Jerry Orsak. G loves Mr. Jerry! Even Biff the Bobcat stopped for a picture with G and his buddy, Caden.

Here is Jerry and myself with one of our students - John. Oh John!! You sure did stress us out along the way, but we are so proud of you and your graduation. We enjoyed celebrating with John and his family!

G's sitter, Kristen, also graduated and is headed to Aggieland (WHOOP!). He loves his Kristen Honey, and we are  so proud of her too!

We practiced our summer activities - dressing up and hanging out with Mi-Maw!  Someone is super excited for summer and all the fun ahead - like his sister coming in 8 weeks!

Daddy taught G some shop skills - glad the new garage is getting some good use!

Swimming lessons have ended, and he did a great job! We have a little swimmer on our hands!

Since I have decided to stay home, G will no longer attend the Early Learning Center where he has gone since he was a baby. He loves his teachers, Ms. Odett and Ms. Diana. I can't thank them enough for loving on this crazy kid! It was very hard to say goodbye, but we will be back to visit!

This picture makes me cry every time. G and his BFF, Caden, have been in class together for so long. I know they will see each other quite a bit, but it is still sad they will not be in class together. G is very protective of Caden. Look at their little hands....

Summer is here! Bring on the fun, the sun, and baby girl!

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