Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gender Reveal

In March, we were able to find out what sweet baby would be! G asked for a sister, but with all the boys in my family, we were sure it was another boy! We asked the doctor to put the gender in this envelope so we could reveal it with our family and friends! I rode home with this in my car - that was the longest ride ever. 

Our best friends, Kristin and Glenn, were the perfect choice for helping us in the reveal. Kristin got the envelope and went to fill a box with balloons. Glenn was our photographer :) Dork. 

Waiting for the reveal....

G did not waste ANY time opening this box. It went so fast!

Next thing you know.....PINK. All of us were in shock. But not big brother. He just stood there and said, "I told you." One of my most favorite pictures ever. 

The screams are from my mom and sister :)

I do love this picture too. G has just came to me and said, "I bet Pop and Papa Charlie are loving these pink balloons in Heaven." Sweet boy. I know my dad is beaming at the thought of his first grand daughter. 

My sweet, sweet mom. She is such a great grandma to 4 grandsons who love her so much. She was pretty emotional about the thought of a girl joining the bunch. Blessings. (note Kiki and G holding hands here <3 p="">

The contents of the envelope.

One of my biggest supporters in this long journey - Laura. Our boys are BFFs and 3 months apart. Now, baby Colby and baby girl will be just 2 months apart :) God things. 

G feeling his sister move. He is so excited.

So in August, we will welcome sweet Emerson Kate Reed. I can't take credit for her sweet name. I knew we wanted "different" so we went through a LONG list of names. Hans was pretty picky, and I needed to name her! I asked one of my BFFs some fun names she had - she is super creative and her boys have awesome names (Cooper and Tucker). The first name she gave me was Emerson, and Hans was hooked. I was so happy he liked it. The search was then on for a middle name, and Kate clicked. Kate was Hans's choice for a first name so we added it as a middle instead :) I can't wait for my sweet Emmy Kate to arrive!

And....Ralph Waldo Emerson was one of my dad's favorite authors. Once I found this quote from him (which will be in her room), I knew the name was perfect for our baby girl:

"Live in the sunshine. Swim the sea. Drink the wild air."

Reminds me of my dad. Perfection.

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Jules said...

I LOVE this and LOVE that you are going to have a sweet baby girl :)