Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Photo Dump - Part I

We are having a busy summer, and I need to make sure it's documented! Here what we are doing:

Playing outside - as long as we can stand the heat!

Getting a good report at the dentist!

Park time - at 8:30 AM!

Mom and I had a girls night to see the Move Live On Tour - so much fun!

Trying out our new swimsuit at the splash pad!

We also closed out another soccer season - he had a great time this year (with Ryan and Lucy too!). They hustled every single game! 

Enjoying snow cones and Noah's Ark with sweet friends!

Lazy days are spent by the pool! We love our little outdoor picnics!

My sorority sister, Emily, came in town with new baby Cole, so we had a lunch date at Lupe's!

Stay tuned...more photos to dump! #reedsummer2014

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