Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Photo Dump - Part II

Some more photos from our summer adventures...

We took a quick trip to the Woodlands Children's Museum - both kids had a great time!

We celebrated Father's Day by remembering our dads (see letter below that my dad once wrote to me!) and spending time together! Hans wanted to grill, sip a beer, and hang out in the pool!

My nephew, Gunar, also graduated from high school! Very proud of this dude!

G made a summer bucket list, and right at the top was to visit Charlie in Louisiana! So, we took off for a couple of days to see our family, and we had a great time!

First ride together in the grocery cart!

A little after dinner entertainment on a Friday night!

Fugler girls night out - dinner and a movie!

G got a new bed thanks to the Odells! His little sister is a fan too!

Emmy girl loves to facetime Daddy at work! Too cute!

Kisses for her favorite person in the world - her big bro!

We attended our 3rd year of VBS, and he had a great time with the Odells and Saucedas!

Up next - our big camping trip to the river! #reedsummer2014

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