Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day at the Races!

We spent our Sunday cheering on my nephew Gunar at his races! I thought Griffin would be afraid of the noise and chaos, but he LOVED it. When I asked if he was ready to go bye-bye, he kept saying, "No, Mommy, I go see Gunar race."

"Yook, Mi-Maw - I see Gunar!"
Uncle Doug and Dale helping washing off my DIRTY hands. (G was covered in dirt, sweat, snow cone and more...)

Congratulations, Gunar!! He came in first! It was such an AWESOME race. He was in 2nd most of the race, and right before the finish, he pulled ahead! G even said, "GO GUNAR WOO HOO!"

One of the most exciting parts - we saw a tractor. That, my friends, was the real deal for my little boy. He is in LOVE with tractors. Yep, a definite boy.

My brother and his boy - so very proud!!

G and Kiki giving Gunar a little pep talk before the race.

Love this one! When Doug took G on the dirt bike, G wasn't so sure. When I tried to get him off, he said, "No, Mommy. Move back. I ride motorcyle." I now have a glimpse into our future.
Uh oh.

We had a such a great day. I loved being with my family! And, if you remember, Gunar was in a pretty bad dirtbike accident in April. So, today, we were nervous for him. When I asked my sister-in-law if she was nervous, she said she was, but she trusted Gunar to be smart and careful. And...he certainly was. When he took off from the starting line, I had a big knot in my stomach. I then got a bit teary-eyed because my Dad would have had such a blast today and would have been SO proud.
My family has been through a lot, and on days like today, I love them more and more. I am blessed to have them. Blessed to have such determined and strong people in my life. Blessed to see what a great dad my brother is - just like our dad was to us.
Way to go, Gunar! Thanks for giving my little boy such a special day. We love you and are very proud of you!

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TennesseEgans said...

I love you and your family! Great job, Gunnar!