Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What a fun weekend!
My 3rd Halloween was definitely the BEST. I met up with Braxton...I mean, Buzz Lightyear...for some tricks and treats! We decided to check out our loot after the first house.

Trick or Treat!

Even Lightning McQueen needs candy.

So all I have to do is say Trick or Treat, and they fill this thing up with goodness?? Ka Chow!

We even saw some horsies tonight. This is close enough for me.
Then, Buzz and I played cars. Imagine that.
Cutest Disney characters around.

Mommy and Daddy went to College Station to watch the Aggies v. Red Raiders. I got to spend the night with Mi-Maw. She made a picnic for me! Mi-Maw also taught me a new trick. She asked me what Mommy says at the football game, and I said, "GIG 'EM." Dada doesn't like my new trick so much.

Mom made sure to get some pics of my future school and their awesome band!

Awww. Look Mommy and Daddy playing nice. Though, I'm not sure why Dada is smiling at this point. (Too bad Dada doesn't write on this blog so Mommy can say WHATEVER she wants...)

I hear Mommy talks the most trash. Good job, Mommy.
Wreck 'em and Gig 'em - a house divided!

Phew! What a weekend! Kiki's about to celebrate his 3rd birthday, and I can't wait! If it's anything like Halloween, SIGN ME UP!

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