Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part I)

We are enjoying our holiday! Our favorite movie this week has been POLAR EXPRESS. We even invited Braxton over to make s'mores and watch the "choo-choo train movie."
First, we had to wrestle in the front yard.
Then, after we watched it, Santa brought us our bells. We believe!
How cute are these little elves??
We also got to visit the Thompsons in their new house! We are so glad they are home. AJ and Griffin played with cars the whole time.
I even attempted the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Here is the mess I created. I didn't get a final pic of the rolls to post here, but trust me - DELICIOUS.
One of my favorite Christmas memories has always been traveling to Prestonwood Forest to see the lights. Each street has a theme - we loved the Disney one the most!
Gabby (our neighbor) came along with us and rode in the back of Dada's truck - so fun! We sang Christmas carols as we drove around the neighborhood.
More to come...this is just the beginning of our fun-filled Christmas!

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