Sunday, December 5, 2010

So this is Christmas...

Our Christmas celebrations have begun! We are getting into the holiday spirit and loving every second. This weekend, we watched the Parade of Lights in our area. We went with the Odells and loved seeing all the garbage trucks, firetrucks, and 18 wheelers covered in lights.

Mom, Jill, and I went on our annual girls' weekend to Fredericksburg. If you have never been, GO. And definitely go during the holidays! We shopped, ate, drank wine...pretty much the gist of it all. We loved our little cottage (we stay at a different B and B each year) and loved being together. Pretty sure we laughed more than anything...

They delivered breakfast to our cottage each morning. YUM.
Wine. YUM again.

Luckenbach is just around the corner so we stopped in for a Shiner and a little country music.
We have had fun decorating for the holidays. I still need to add all my treasures from the Burg - there are many. They have the cutest holiday decor :)
A little elf helped decorate the tree!

This little elf also got an early Christmas present - the learning tower. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. Now, he can see everything I do in the kitchen - makes cooking so much easier! He also loves to color here and eat his snacks. Go get one. It's a must!

Our holidays are in full swing. I love this time of year.

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