Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part II)

This picture sums up all the craziness of Christmas at Mi-Maw's! Silly boys!

Kiki got a jeep, and they loved driving around the cul-de-sac! They were HILARIOUS.

Mi-Maw bought G a wagon - let's go Kiki!
Before all the cruisin' around began - we ate those delicious cinnamon rolls. Good job, Mommy!

Santa brought someone his very own kitchen. He loves it and made us "coffee" the whole weekend! Dada wasn't so sure about this gift, but G loves it! That's what's important!
A Toy Story scooter too?? Thanks, Santa!
And a Spiderman four-wheeler? Santa, you are TOO much.

Sweet faces seeing all their goodies!
Christmas Eve -this picture cracks me up. Poor Mi-Maw just wanted ONE picture of her four grandsons. Here you go, Mi-Maw :)

And Mack too? Can you just feel the excitement??

Since I just couldn't take the long lines and put my little monkey through Santa torture, we brought Santa to us. He sure looks a lot like my brother, Doug :)
Santa would slowly sneak up on G while he was playing with his new toys. It took a little bit, but they soon became friends.My sad attempt to get him to sit near Santa at first.

Thanks, Santa, for coming to see us!
Buster and Griffin - new friends!

Since my Dad's cat passed away in March, my Mom has missed having a little friend around. SURPRISE, MI-MAW! Here is your new kitty, Buster. She was SO excited. And this is one sweet kitty cat.

We had an absolute amazing time this Christmas. What joy to see how much fun
the boys had. Thanks to my Mom for a great time and for always being such a great host to us. We are beyond blessed and so lucky to have one another...

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