Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part I)

Christmas 2011 was probably my most favorite holiday so far. Griffin really understood what it was all about, and he had so much fun with his cousins. Of course, my mom worked so hard to make it memorable for all of us.

Here are the best pictures we could get of the four grandsons.

My favorite people.

And the unwrapping begins...

Mom was SO excited about her new purse. So fancy!

And even MORE excited that we are going to watch the Aggies play on New Years Eve!

Griffin loves his new shirt - all his favorite Cars characters!

New hats from Mi-Maw!

Gage was so excited about his new camera!

It was a dinosaur Christmas for Griffin! My brother bought him a ton. We now have a dinosaur village upstairs in the playroom. He is becoming quite the dinosaur expert (thanks, Dino Dan!).

More to come...Christmas Eve was just the beginning!

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