Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet Gracie...

My very best friend recently asked if I would be her sweet baby girl's godmother. After some tears, I of course said yes. We had her baptism this week, and I am more than honored that this sweet girl is in my life. Here are the godparents and Gracie! The godfather is another dear friend, Joe P. Love how close all my high school friends still are (see Christmas sweater post) :) We are a lucky bunch!

Jenn and Scott's sweet family and the godparents :)

She is SO sweet and precious!

Thank you, Jenny, for making me a part of Gracie's life. And thank you for always being such a huge part of mine. Who knew that two 6th graders would now be BFFs so many years later?? Love you and sweet Gracie girl!

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