Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Birthdays!

We celebrated Hans's birthday with our great friends and family this weekend. Hans cooked on his new smoker (YUM), and we took the kids on a spin through local neighborhoods to look at all the lights. They had a BLAST!

Here Griffin took the camera and snapped a picture of Kristin and Reed! :)

Braxton had a great time too!

Chad got hugs from all the boys!

Look at all the lights!

Best buds.

Thanks to Uncle Tanner who let us borrow his trailer for a fun ride!

Happy birthday, Hansie!

Griffin wanted Daddy to have a Mater cake - so here it is :)

We also celebrated Baby Ryan's 2nd birthday (I'm not sure I can stop calling him that!). Kristin needs to be a party planner. She had games for the kids to play - including "Pin the Bowtie on Mickey Mouse."

Kiki and Griffin had fun decorating their bowties!

Happy birthday, Hans and Ryan!

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