Friday, July 22, 2011

More Summer FUN!

We are soaking up all we can of our summer. We have gone to the library with Caden (who will now be in my class at school - yahoo!).

We have made cupcake waffles - funfetti of course!

Then we shared them with Harrison.

Then my BFF Braxton came over and tried a waffle too!

Next up - homeade playdoh! Don't worry, Mommy kept an eye on me the whole time!

The final result of my hard work!

One of our favorite summer activities - visiting Daddy at work and eating lunch with him!

Daddy's work has giant fish and ducks to feed!

Oh this is for the ducks??

Just when summer is taking off - it's almost over!! We still have more plans in the works before we go back to school. To be honest, I'm bummed. I love my job but hating leaving him. Everyday he tells me I'm his buddy which makes me happy, sad, and guilty all at once. But, I have treasured every second I have been with him. I love my bubba!

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