Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer visitors!

This weekend, Aunt Hilary and Uncle Matt came to visit - they brought along cousins Gunner and Gavin. We were excited to see them and visit with Jake too!

YUM - marshmallows!

Mommy made tacos for everyone! We thought it was delicious!
Then, just like last year (see here) we were able to see Mommy's friends Matt and Lindsey Hopkins and Dean Thomas too! Dean walked in holding Mater, so I liked him instantly :)

These boys have grown SO much in one year! It was bittersweet since Lindsey's parents are moving out of our old neighborhood in Atascocita. Not to worry, we will meet again for another fun playdate!

Summer is BUSY as you can see. But, one thing is for sure -it needs to SLOOOOW down!

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Jules said...

That first pic is precious! I really do think B and G look a lot alike... especially while sporting their " hawks" :)