Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 month!

Emmy is one month old! Here's what we've been doing since lil miss has been in our lives!

We had a picnic in the park :)
G had homework to bring in a picture of his family. Somewhere in the chaos and fun of this last month, I forgot to take one of all of us! So here's our family selfie :) 

G looooves his new school!! It's even better when Kristin is there and helps him in car rider line!!

Oh and baby smiles are awesome too.

We've become a Lego lover!

And hung out with Kiki...

Miss Priss and I took our first trip to heb - she slept the whole time! Good girl!

Simply sweet.

Dad and Uncle Tanner took G to his first dove hunt - he's a fan now!!

My ninja - 2013 Halloween costume of choice! Hi-ya!

Boy oh boy was he pumped to be line leader! Love that he kept their sign in page to remember this big day - it included carrying the cross into chapel!

Hey girl.
Just a few tidbits on her first month -

She's a cuddler! She sleeps best on your chest - she curls up like a little frog :)

She has gone 5 hour stretches at night - but she can also spice things up with some all nighters too. Here, she just wants to chat and smile at you all night :)

She's had a couple play dates and slept through them. 

She loves the swing - her bro did not. Crazy. 

She's too precious and cuddly. What a fun and exhausting month. Some days are tough, but I love being with them :) I treasure it every second.

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