Friday, September 27, 2013

Staying at home...

I'm learning a great deal as I get into a "routine" while home with these two...

First, this little girl is sweet. And she lets me put large bows on her head :)

This kid has a big social life so we are never without things to do! Happy birthday, Landon!

Happy birthday, Graydon!

We went to my post partum check up, and she slept the whole time. Thank goodness!! All is good with me!

Thank goodness for Daddy. I wouldn't be sane in this new experience if it wasn't for him. He gets up at night and makes sure to take G on adventures so E and I can rest. Hunting is their new favorite father/son activity! 

My dad would be so proud!!! Sweet little hunter. (I made him wash his hands 17 times after touching this dead bird - FYI)

Staying home is a blessing, but it is NOT easy. I had visions of a clean house, folded laundry, and wonderful dinners each night. I even pictured peaceful walks each morning with my two kids. Here is how the one (AND ONLY) morning walk went... 

It started off sweet just like these pictures show...but then his legs hurt; he was hot; he thinks he had a blister on his toe; he needed water.... so about 2.4 minutes after this picture, we headed home. I'm thinking sister and I will walk when brother is at school :)

Just a quick snapshot of G walking into his he owns the joint. It gets me every. single. time. He can drive me nuts, but why does he get so big so fast??

A few other favorite moments of staying home (to document for later laughs) -

I found a bunch of recipes on pinterest and was determine to try them all! The first was a beautiful salad. I pictured myself eating it one day while G was at school - and while Emmy napped. I started to get all the ingredients together, and she got super fussy. So, I ended up eating a hot dog (the bun) while rocking her in my arms. Super classy. Peace out, fancy salad. 

I also pinned some home workouts to do while G was at school. So far, I've done none, but the chocolate chip muffins I pinned were AWESOME.

I wear my PJs everytime I drop G off at school. The end. 


Don't get me wrong, I am loving being home with them. I don't miss school (though I do miss adult conversation). I am learning how it goes each day - basically, don't plan a thing. Just go with the flow. My days of cooking wonderful meals and doing loads of perfectly folded laundry made me more exhausted than I already was. So what if my hair gets washed every few days (#keepinitreal) or that Em only likes to nap in her car seat (#dontmesswithasleepingbaby)? I am a mom and it's my full time job now - if they are alive by the time dad gets home, I consider it all a success!

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Niki said...

LOL!!! I love the blister on his toe and he is hot! That is my life! I currently sit on the couch drinking a beer and watching parenthood while 3 laundry baskets of clean clothes mock me :) Glad all is well...E is adorable!!!