Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm sleepy...

....but I'm loving time with all these people!

Emmy and Daddy in celebration of hunting season :)

G doing a little game prep for those Aggies! Whoop!

Little Ags!

The newest Aggie - too presh.

Emmy spent some time hanging out with Gunar and Gage - the big cousins! Gage just started at Texas State - where did the time go?? 

Mi-Maw came and spent some time with us (man, she rocks!) so she and G shared some blueberry muffin cheers!

G and I went on a date to the library, and he picked out  a book for his sister. It's about dinosaurs, and she loved it :)

I may be tired, but this one is worth it. Her big bro too!

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