Friday, September 6, 2013

Pre - K :)

We had a big week - Griffin started Pre-K at a new school! I was worried this change would be hard for him, but he proved me wrong! He has been at the same school since he was a baby, so this was a big move. And...little bubba loved it!

The morning of his first day - so happy!

Meet the Teacher :)

He chose his own poses - and did a GIG 'EM and a GUNS UP! He obviously lives in a house divided!

The glasses. I die from the cuteness. 
He is also in the Bumble Bee class!

We bring his lunch each day, so he had to inspect it on the first day to make sure his order was correct :) 

A good-bye to his sister before he goes!

Thank goodness his daddy took him. His mommy was a hot mess of emotion - why is he so big???

Being silly at breakfast!

He looks so little yet so big in these pictures. This school has a car rider line so the teachers come get them, and the parents never have to get out! I wasn't sure how he'd do, and once again, he rocked! I took him the second day, and when he walked away...I had myself a good cry. Darn lack of sleep. And cute child problems. 

My mom, Emmy, and I just watched and waved as they left the driveway. We have had so many amazing changes lately, and I was worried it would be hard, but this little guy was awesome. Griffin Hardy - I am so proud of you! You had a great week - it's going to be a great year in Pre-K!

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