Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall/Halloween Fun!

Happy Fall, y'all! We are definitely in the swing of our "new life!" We still have some days where mommy learns A LOT about staying at home, but most days are great! We treasure our weekends with Daddy and doing things as a family! Hans also has every other Friday off - can I get an AMEN???

Happy 2nd birthday to cousin Lexi! She is SO sweet and is in LOVE with Emmy. 

I am still getting use to the fact that I have a 5 year old - say what???? He is still so little to me. Griffin Reed, you are the reason I am a mom, the best big bro, smart, spunky, TALKATIVE, hilarious, and fun. We love you to the moon and back. I am holding you to your promise that no matter what age you are, I can still call you my baby :) 

My sweet former student, Sarah, and her boyfriend Steve came to G's party. Steve played for the Aggies (whoooop!) and showed the boys some football moves. I LOVE this picture. Thanks, Steve, for your patience in teaching them a thing or two about football!

Birthday cupcakes at school! (just a note for my records about how much he loves his new school - when I went to bring the treats, they still had about an hour to go in the day. I planned to take G with me, but he begged me to stay because they were reviewing "L" words. I love that he loves it!!!)

At his 5 year check up - all is good! He definitely hit a growth spurt this last year as his pants now look like capris :) We love our pediatrician so much - I am so happy we have a  great place to take care of our kids! (She's an Aggie, went to Kingwood (where I grew up), and is my age - craziness!)

We signed G up at Head Start to Reading - a class he takes on Tuesdays where they teach them reading skills to get them ahead of the game for kindergarten. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. He couldn't read a thing before this - now 5 classes in, he's a natural :) This picture is from their class "look book."

Fall Festival at his school - sack races!

And here is my love bug. Just a few notes on Emmy Kate - I LOVE HER. Sweet, smiley, patient, a good traveler, and a GOOD SLEEPER!!! Since about 6 weeks, she has been sleeping 6-7 hours. In the last week, she stretched it to 8. Now that I wrote that, she will probably stop - ha! I can't get enough of her.

Throwing in his fall pictures! These glasses look so similar to ones my dad wore when he was little. SO sweet. Sometimes the glasses get him out of trouble....I mean, look how cute?? Little sneak. 

Oh...more of this girl. 

I was able to get out of the house last Saturday for a girls night. Of course, since the moms went out, the dads had to stick together. The dads and 10 children were at my house while the moms hit the wine bar. Sweet Sarah finally got to hold Emmy! 

Halloween fun - she slept through most of it, so she just wore her pumpkin best!

Hiiiiii-ya! The blue ninja!

It was a rainy Halloween so we did some crafts indoors - ghosts, pumpkin oranges for lunch, and some scary bats!
Mommy's pumpkin. I thought it was cute :)

We look forward to more Fall fun - and Christmas is just around the corner! My favorite time of year!

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