Sunday, November 24, 2013

Louisiana - Ags v Tigers!

We took the kids and headed to Cajun country this past weekend! The Aggies were playing in Baton Rouge so we took the chance to see family and enjoy some tailgating! The drive there was looooong, but we made it and enjoyed great food and drink plus we saw family and old friends!

My cousin, Stacy, and Emmy!

My cousin's son, Charlie, and Emmy! He kept saying, "she's soooo cute!" :)

Stacy and Hab look great with a baby, don't ya think?? :)

Hans and I headed to the game while the kids stayed behind. G begged to stay with my uncle Bob who wore him out! G even took a nap and discovered a love for fried catfish! #miracleshappen

While in Baton Rouge, we stopped at my dad's childhood home. So many memories there with him and my Maw Maw Fugler. Miss them both!

And on to the tailgate - thanks to my dear old friend, and Tiger, Eddie for hosting us! Great food and awesome bloody marys! 

Here are some Ags showing off their rings! Look closely - a few of those say class of '13. Weird. 

My former student, Sarah. Love her!

My dear friend Page who just moved to Louisiana!

My Suzanne - really Amanda. Lots of memories with this girl. She was born in Baton Rouge too :)

Scotty, me, Chris, and Ed! So. Much. Fun.

Rollin' solo!

Even baby girl was reppin' those Ags!

Notice I didn't mention the game?? I'll just focus on all the fun and blessings of good friends and family!!! :)

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