Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great time in Stephenville for turkey day! Both kids were tuckered out on our way home!

Lil bit scored some new kicks on Black Friday! 

Daddy's good buddy, Aaron, came to meet Emmy!

It was also a big weekend for this little hunter - Daddy planned a duck hunting trip. This is what happens when your day starts at 5:00 am!

Emmy also met Gracelyn - Hans' sister's new baby. She's 3 weeks younger than Em.

The new moms gave thanks for mimosas!

Lil turkey 

Country boy!

Love this picture - last thanksgiving, I was pretty depressed because we still longed for a 2nd baby. I may have drank a little wine to drown my sorrows :) Fast forward a year, and we've got this beautiful baby girl. God is beyond good. His timing is everything. 

1st thanksgiving!

And in other baby news -- she decided to sit up last week. Stop growing, lil one!! I'm soaking it all in and giving many thanks :)

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