Friday, December 19, 2014

Fall Fun - Part II

In November, it was the 50th day of school! Though G had no idea what that meant (and explaining it to  him went nowhere!), he dressed like his Pop use to! I thought he looked awesome!

He continues to do well with Tae Kwon Do and received his dark green belt at the beginning of November. I am so happy he loves it and continues to learn a great deal - especially about respect! Such a great lesson for the little ones!

We also concluded our 3rd soccer season with i9 sports - this time Daddy was the coach! It was a great season for the Fighting Falcons!

Keaton (Kiki) turned 7 too! Such a fun bowling party, and Emmy got her favorite things - MiMaw and pizza!

Little sister likes to wake up to this's not a happy morning if Bubba isn't the first to enter her room!

Part III coming soon! FALL FUN FOR ALL!

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